Houston Must Think Big About Public Education

That includes public charter schools. Free and open to anyone, public charter schools are delivering great results for our children and moving our city into the future.

Our Misson

Charter schools are preparing the workforce of the future.

Houston public charter schools have the flexibility to innovate. They give students the instruction and hands-on experience they need today to be successful in the 21st century economy tomorrow. Public charter school students graduate college at higher rates than their peers and are more likely to be prepared for careers or the military.

The Numbers

Harris County Snapshot

With 20 percent more charter students graduating with college-level course credit when compared to their Independent School District (ISD) counterparts, public charters are preparing students for success in college and careers.

Every student deserves the chance to go to a school that works for them

Charter schools in Houston serve students from all backgrounds regardless of their zip code, income, or ability level – and they’re delivering great outcomes for students who need it most.

We Support Teachers

Empowering teachers to give students the great education they deserve

Public charter schools have passionate, committed teachers who can give students the great education they deserve. We all know that a one-size-fits-all approach to education doesn’t work, which is why charter schools empower their teachers to take creative approaches in the classroom and offer students the personal attention they need to really learn.

Network of Houston Public Charters Schools Available to All Families

Our city’s public charter schools are thriving, with a diversity of options to meet the individual needs of every individual child.

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